Press Releases - New arrivals

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    New Sound Input/Output Features Added to Cloud-based Testing Service Remote TestKit
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    NTT Resonant Announces Cloud-based Testing Service Remote TestKit Available to Improve Testing Environment for iOS App Developers
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    NTT Resonant Announces Backup and Restore of App Data for Mobile Testing Now Available on Remote TestKit
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    SOASTA and NTT Resonant Announce Distribution Agreement to Expand Mobile Testing Platform Worldwide
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    Cloud-based Testing Service "Developers AppKitBox" Now Includes Remote Control Feature to Aid Game Testing
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    NTT Resonant acquires a patent in Japan and the US (pending) for an EM Shield Box that allows foreign devices to be tested on their Remote TestKit service on Developers AppKitBox.
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    NTT Resonant Launches EC site to sell SIM cards for foreign visitors to Japan
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    NTT Resonant, Jamo Solutions Collaborate to Offer New Cloud-Based Mobile App Test Automation Tool.
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    NTT Resonant Launches Browser-Based "Developers AppKitBox – Remote TestKit" for Verifying Smartphone Apps and Sites
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    Efficiency Greatly Improves with Addition of Automatic Test Function to "Developers AppKitBox – Remote TestKit"
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    Efficiency Greatly Improves with Addition of Automatic Test Function to "Developers AppKitBox – Remote TestKit"
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    "Developers AppKitBox-Remote TestKit" for Easy Smartphone Site and App Verification Now Offers Language Choice Function to Support Faster Global Business Development
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    Browser Version of Developers AppKitBox-Remote TestKit Now Available on Beta Test Basis, Making Verification of Smartphone Apps and Sites Easier
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    NTT Resonant Launches US$0.99 RPG App "HUNTER ISLAND" as Successor to "Dragon Island Blue," No. 1 RPG App in 43 Countries
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    NTT Resonant Enhancing U.S. Business of "Developers AppKitBox – Remote TestKit" for Easily Verifying Smartphone App Sites
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    NTT Resonant to Substantially Expand Lineup of Smartphones/Tablets Usable for Cloud-based Mobile Testing Service "Developers AppKitBox – Remote TestKit" That Makes Remote App/Site Verification Easy
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    NTT Resonant Launches Cloud-based Mobile Testing Service Featuring World’s Fastest Image Transfer for Global iOS App Developers in Addition to Android