Nikko Guide powered by goo A Proof of Concept of a Tourism App Using Beacon


Nikko Guide powered by goo
A Proof of Concept of a Tourism App Using Beacon
Developed for the World Heritage Site of the Shrines and Temples of Nikko

Tokyo― October 1,2015 ― NTT Resonant Inc. has begun a proof of concept for Nikko Guide powered by goo, an app using Beacon (*1) at 113 locations for sightseeing and shops in Nikko. This will be the first demonstration of a tourism app using Beacon technology to link location information and user-generated information. It will take place in the Nikko area, including the World Heritage Site of the Shrines and Temples of Nikko. (*2)

Beacons are simple to set up and their signal strength can be adjusted with ease. Using Beacons, shops can send information regarding their current sales campaign and other important information to customers who visit. Additionally, customers can set it up so that they automatically receive tourist information or shop information when they visit. Beacons can also share, in real time, updates by other visitors such as, “Right now, the fall leaves are amazing here.” Similarly, helpful information and word-of-mouth can be shared: “There are bathrooms you can use.” “There’s a smoking area.” “There are people who speak English.” “There’s a free Wi-Fi hotspot.”

This application will have support for Japanese as well as English, Chinese, and Korean.

This proof-of-concept will verify the efficiency of the app in offering information to both domestic and international travelers in cooperation with various locations. We will work to develop this service in order to contribute to the regional activity growth and to further increase convenience for users hereafter.

(*1) Beacon is technology that utilizes Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), a power conversation communication technology. When a user’s smartphone comes within a set distance from a Beacon device, the device creates a connection with the phone. This can facilitate the launching of an app or the sending of data appropriate to the location.

(*2) According to NTT Resonant research, 10/1/2015.


Screenshots of Nikko Guide powered by goo



1. Background

The number of tourists who visited Japan has increased in recent years, with 2014 marking a new record high number of people. (*3) With the world’s largest sporting event scheduled to take place in Japan in 2020, it is predicted that this number will continue to rise. The need to be able to convey information about these tourism locations and stores to visiting tourists is also increasing.

(*3) Reference: Japan National Tourism Organization, Number of Visitors to Japan by Month and Nationality, 2003-2015


2. Proof of Concept Overview 

A. Outline

Using 113 Beacon devices set up at the Shrines and Temples of Nikko, focused around Futarasan Shrine, Toshogu Shrine, Rinnoji Temple, and other sightseeing locations, we will send data to tourists who visit each location, providing them with tourism information about their current location along with photos and comments provided by other users. Tourists can receive this data using the smart phone app Nikko Guide powered by goo.

B. Implementation Period

Planned for October 1, 2015 until December 28, 2015.

C. Location

Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture



3. About the App: Tourism Guide powered by goo

A. Special Features

  • Notifications conveying tourism and shopping information about the current location

As users approach a location with a Beacon device, information regarding that location and its shops will be sent automatically. This way, tourists can learn the details of their current location without the worry of missing something.


  • Sharing pictures and comments from other users who have actually visited that location

In the app, users can share photographs of and comments about locations with a Beacon device. Travelers can share among each other useful information that may not appear in tourism guides. “There are bathrooms you can use.” “There’s a smoking area.” “There are people who speak English.” “There’s a free Wi-Fi hotspot.”


  • Language Support

Tourism and shopping information will be supported in four language: Japanese, along with English, Korean and Chinese. (This functionality is available for Android. It is planned to be available later for iOS.)


■   Prevention of Camera Theft and Misplacement

The app can connect to cameras equipped with Beacons that are available for use at hotels in the Nikko area including Nikko Senhime Monogatari, Nikko Kanaya Hotel, and Nikko Chuzenji Kanaya Hotel. An alert notification will be sent to the app if a camera reaches a certain distance. This way, the risk of loss of the cameras can be lessened.








  1. How to Use

Please download from the following url:



※[OS]  Android4.3 and better, iOS7 and better

※BLE functions with Bluetooth on Android 4.3 and better and iOS7 and better



  1. Follow Up

Based on this proof of concept, we will work to bring this service to a wider amount of regions while working to improve its user-friendliness for different types of users.

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