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“Developers AppKitBox - Remote TestKit” ( Now Compatible with “Android 4.4 KitKat,” Permitting Easy Verification of Smartphone Apps and Websites

Nov. 28,2013
NTT Resonant Inc.

“Developers AppKitBox – Remote TestKit” ( Now Compatible with “Android 4.4 KitKat,”
Permitting Easy Verification of Smartphone Apps and Websites
– Chinese Smartphones Added for Enhanced Global Support –

NTT Resonant Inc. has made its “Developers AppKitBox – Remote TestKit” — a cloud-based smartphone app and website verification service — compatible with “Android 4.4 KitKat” and added Chinese smartphones to its list of supported handsets, enhancing the company’s verification support in the rapidly accelerated smartphone development cycle. The company will also add “First View Capture” to its auto capture function.
1. Compatibility with “Android 4.4 KitKat”
NTT Resonant begins to provide Android 4.4-compatible “Remote TestKit” service strongly requested by users, enhancing the company’s support domain.
– Smartphone model to be added: Nexus5
2. Support for Chinese smartphone models
With an increasing number of companies moving into the Chinese market, NTT Resonant is adding Chinese smartphone models to a list of handsets compatible with “Remote TestKit,” enhancing the company’s support offerings. One of the features of the “Remote TestKit” is verification by using the IME program of PCs. This can be done with Chinese smartphones as well, enabling smooth verification in the Chinese language.
– Chinese smartphone models to be added:
 ・HUAWEI C8813
 ・Vivo Xplay
 ・Coolpad 8190
 ・Coolpad 8730
 ・ZTE U950
 ・ZTE nubia 5
 ・Xiami MI-2
 ・OPPO Find 5 (X909)
 ・HTC One XT S720t
3. About “First View Capture”
With the addition of the new “First View Capture,” NTT Resonant’s auto capture, which automatically acquires and saves multiple-URL screenshots, will be easier to use. “First View Capture” screenshots can be saved along with “Full Screen Capture” screenshots, making it easy to confirm and optimize all-important screen designs,  which come into sight first, thus the scope of verification work.
4. Decision to support “Enterprise UX”
NTT Resonant will support “Enterprise UX,” a meet-up for enterprise software developers, in the name of “Remote TestKit.” “Enterprise UX” allows developers, product managers, UX designers, etc. to discuss ideas, projects, techniques and UX design, among other things. By offering support for this meet-up, “Remote TestKit” provides multipronged support to developers.
5. How to use our service
Visit the “Developers AppKitBox” website, download the “Remote TestKit” software, select one of the smartphones on the list and start the software. Developers will be able to verify their app’s operation and design while watching instantaneous, high-speed and smooth data transfer on the screen of a connected PC.
 URL for “Developers AppKitBox-Remote TestKit”:
* The service is available for both Windows and Mac PCs.
* Company, service and product names specified in this release are registered trademarks or trademarks of respective companies.
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