"Developers AppKitBox-Remote TestKit" for Easy Smartphone Site and App Verification Now Offers Language Choice Function to Support Faster Global Business Development

NTT Resonant Inc.

“Developers AppKitBox-Remote TestKit” for Easy Smartphone Site and
App Verification Now Offers Language Choice Function to Support Faster Global Business Development

– Developers Can Do Smartphone Verification in Language of Their Choice –

NTT Resonant Inc. will add a new function allowing developers to set up a smartphone language of their choice to its “Developers AppKitBox-Remote TestKit” (Remote TestKit, http://appkitbox.com/en/testkit ), a cloud-based remote-controlled service for verifying smartphone apps and sites with the use of time-shared handsets.
The new function will make it possible for developers to do verification work without the language barrier, helping them accelerate their business development in foreign countries where English is not spoken as well as in English-speaking nations.

Moreover, NTT Resonant will add Softbank smartphones to a wide array of handsets supported by Remote TestKit, which currently exceed 200 models.

1. About language-selecting function
Apps are developed on the assumption that they will be used worldwide, not just in English-speaking countries. As a result, developers must verify that new apps they develop will work on smartphones used not only in their own countries but also elsewhere in the world. Having received many requests from users preferring to change a smartphone language setup which is already available to other languages (for example English or Japanese or Chinese etc) so developers can verify that their newly developed apps work on smartphone models used in foreign countries. NTT Resonant will make it possible to select any language of their choice for verification with Remote TestKit.

selecting a language

2. About additional models
Main models to be added:
-SoftBank    302SH    AQUOS PHONE Xx
-SoftBank    301F    ARROWS A
-SoftBank    201K    HONEY BEE
-SoftBank    205SH    AQUOS PHONE ss
-SoftBank    203SH    AQUOS PHONE Xx
-SoftBank    DM015K    Disney Mobile
-SoftBank    202K    DIGNO R

3. How to use our services
Please log in to the “Developers AppKitBox-Remote TestKit” Site. First-time users will have to register before logging in.

URL for Developers AppKitBox-Remote TestKit: http://appkitbox.com/en/testkit

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