NTT Resonant Aggressively Expands Applicable Smartphones for “Remote TestKit”

June 5,2014
NTT Resonant Inc.
NTT Resonant Aggressively Expands Applicable Smartphones for “Remote TestKit”
– “Remote TestKit” Cloud-based App and Site Verification Service; International Smartphones, Including India’s Micromax, Added for Global Verification –
 NTT Resonant Inc. has added a host of new smartphones applicable to “Developers AppKitBox – Remote TestKit (“Remote TestKit,”,” a cloud-based smartphone app and site verification service. The 11 latest models of smartphones newly added to the “Remote TestKit” lineup include those for the Indian market and popular models for the U.S. market. Additional 11 latest Japanese models will be provided to its lineup this summer. “Remote TestKit” is already provided in the Japanese, U.S. and Chinese markets. In addition, we will aim for the Indian market which holds many smartphone developers.
 Developers can test from their desktops their apps and sites by foreign-made handsets which are difficult to get in their home countries. Moreover, “Remote TestKit” will continue to be improved to meet developers’ needs, including the addition of iOS7 models and functional enhancements.
Developers AppKitBox(デベロッパーズアップキットボックス) - Remote TestKit
1. Latest smartphones added to lineup
 We will start to add the latest Japanese models, 2 Indian models, 2 U.S. models and 4 iOS7 models. “Remote TestKit” provides a truly global verification environment supporting about 270 smartphones of 240 models.
[Newly added smartphones]
  – GALAXY S5 SC-04F (NTT docomo)
  – GALAXY S5 SCL23 (au)
  – Xperia(TM) Z2 SO-03F (NTT docomo)
  – AQUOS ZETA SH-04F (NTT docomo)
  – Xperia(TM) ZL2 SOL25 (au)
  – AQUOS Xx 304SH (Soft Bank)
  – Disney Mobile on docomo SH-05F (NTT docomo)
  – ARROWS NX F-05F (NTT docomo)
  – Nokia X (RM-980)
  – HTC One M8 *USDC
[Newly added iOS7 smartphones]
  – iPhone5C
  – iPhone5S
  – iPhone5
  – iPad mini
2. New functions
– Smartphone-returning function for ThriftAPI
 Many users required the function of returning smartphones in ThriftAPI. Users can return handsets immediately after testing them and rent new ones. Previously, users were able to return smartphones only every 30 minutes. The new function enables users to continue testing without any waiting time.
– Power reboot function 
 Users can now reboot smartphones to verify their apps. For example, they can verify their application settings after rebooting.
3. Exhibiting “Remote TestKit” at “HP (R) Discover 2014 Conference”
 NTT Resonant will exhibit “Remote TestKit” at the “HP (R) Discover 2014 Conference”,  held from June 10, 2014, in Las Vegas, Nevada, the U.S. We will demonstrate “Remote TestKit” at Jamo Solutions’ booth. We will also exhibit our integrated product of “M-eux Test” provided by Jamo Solutions and “Remote TestKit” by NTT Resonant. We will give visitors a 10-hour “Remote TestKit” trial ticket free of charge.
 Dates: Tuesday, June 10, to Thursday, June 12, 2014 
 Venue: Jamo Solutions (booth 3833), Venetian Palazzo Hotel and Resort, Las Vegas
4. NTT Resonant’s Future Developments
 NTT Resonant will continue to expand the variation of countries and models.
 We will accelerate our globalization o

n the basis of our global strategy.

Developers AppKitBox – Remote TestKit
* It can be accessed from either a Windows or Mac PC.
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