NTT Resonant Adds Audio Testing Function to “Developers AppKitBox”, Cloud-based Smartphone Apps/Websites Testing Service

July 31,2014


NTT Resonant Inc.
NTT Resonant Adds Audio Testing Function to “Developers AppKitBox”,
Cloud-based Smartphone Apps/Websites Testing Service
-For about 100 Japanese models and 10 U.S. models-

NTT Resonant Inc. has added a new function as one of the basic features of “Developer AppKitBox – Remote TestKit (“Remote TestKit”,” cloud-based smartphone apps and websites testing service, enabling audio testing for smartphone developers. This brand-new feature will strongly support developers of music, video, and game apps for smartphones.

1. Audio testing function
Cloud-based testing service for smartphone apps and websites usually provides only a function to test behavior of the screen. Now, NTT Resonant offers an audio testing function with smooth streaming audio, in addition to current unique high-speed image transfer. Thus, we provide developers with comprehensive and efficient testing environment. Since this function is included in basic features of Remote TestKit, customers can use it at no additional cost. Also, same as with the existing service, the audio testing service can be used for multiple handsets simultaneously.

What is the audio testing function?
Customers can check the sound of music, video, and game apps/websites with audio output from a smartphone screen on their PC displays. Since this feature can play audio as smoothly and speedily as the actual smartphones, it makes far easier to test those apps/websites.

*This audio testing function can be used with every fee plan.
*This function is available as a client software version. We are planning to provide it with a browser version in the near future.

2. Service launch date
July 31, 20143. Applicable smartphones  
The new function is applicable to about 100 Japanese models and about 10 U.S. models such as iPhone, Xperia, etc., including the latest ones. We will add applicable devices up to 200 models by the end of 2014.Please visit the following website for the latest list of smartphone models in Remote TestKit:

4. Outlook for the future
NTT Resonant will keep supporting developers of various smartphone apps/websites by continuing to expand applicable models for AppKitBox – Remote TestKit, and by reinforcing its “automatic test” function.

Developers AppKitBox – Remote TestKit official website

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