NTT Resonant acquires a patent in Japan and the US (pending) for an EM Shield Box that allows foreign devices to be tested on their Remote TestKit service on Developers AppKitBox.

2014 October 2
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NTT Resonant Acquires Patent in Japan and U.S. (pending) for EM
Shield Box

– BOX that Allows Foreign Devices to Be Tested on Their Remote

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Tokyo, JAPAN – As the first step toward accelerating the globalization of its services, NTT Resonant Inc. (NTT Resonant) has acquired a patent in Japan for EM Shield Box technology, which was developed by partner company NTT Resonant Technology Inc. (NTT Resonant Technology) and has been used for Remote TestKit since the service was launched. A U.S. patent has also been applied for and is expected to be approved.
The Remote TestKit EM Shield Box is a box that can be used to store foreign smartphones that do not comply with Japanese safety standards and prevent the electromagnetic waves they produce from leaking outside the box. By using this technology, NTT Resonant is able to have on-hand smartphones from other countries and provide access to them alongside their Japanese devices. Users are already able to access devices from other countries such as the U.S., China, and India, but we intend to expand our selection to include additional countries in the future.
                   DAKB Service Concept Diagram
1. Patent Acquisition

The patent we have acquired will allow us to expand our services to include even more foreign devices on our cloud-based smartphone testing service, Remote TestKit. This is achieved by utilizing radar-absorbent materials to reduce radio waves produced by devices restricted by Japan’s radio law by more than 40 dB. SAR testing (a method of measuring the effects of radio waves on the human body) has shown that the amount of waves that leave the box are within safe levels. Additionally, the box features an interface that allows for USB and LAN connections while maintaining radio wave damping and can also efficiently vent heat. This is invaluable technology for the use of foreign smartphones in Japan. NTT Resonant Technology acquired a patent for the EM Shield Box, and NTT Resonant will be taking further steps to expand Remote TestKit to foreign markets as well.

Remote TestKit 電磁シールドBOX
     Remote TestKit EM Shield BOX
Features of the Remote TestKit EM Shield Box

– Damps radio waves produced by foreign devices that do not have a Japanese certification mark by more than 40 dB

– Allows for external connections and heat exhaust while maintaining electromagnetic shielding as described above

– 19-inch rack mountable box shape allows for easy transportation while also providing a wide interior space, which allows maximum to 56 smartphones, and makes it easy to perform maintenance

 Remote TestKit EM Shield BOX – inside
Before, in order to test a foreign smartphone you needed to travel outside the country. But now NTT Resonant is offering a domestic testing solution for Japanese developers, which will greatly reduce the amount of time and money required to test on these devices. Developers outside of Japan can also test smartphones overseas using Remote TestKit.
2. Additional Features for Remote TestKit

In order to increase the convenience of using Remote TestKit, we have added a number of new features including sound recording and updated some existing features.

– Added the ability to develop a sound track to video recordings

– Improved ease of use of the features menu

– Added a feature that allows you to check the settings of a device

– Added a restart button for smartphones on the web interface

Additional Features – New icon
  Additional Features – New icon
We will continue improving Remote TestKit to meet the needs of our customers and provide an even more user-friendly environment.

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