NTT Resonant Announcing the Release of Neo Monsters for Android OS


No.1 paid game in 65 countries for the Role-Playing Game category
NTT Resonant Announcing the Release of Neo Monsters for Android OS

 Tokyo-April 12,2016-NTT Resonant Inc. has released Neo Monsters for Android OS in 136 countries today.
 Neo Monsters was released on October 2015 for iOS, and has since been ranked number 1 RPG on the paid charts in 65 countries. The Android version will feature the same game play, and will be made available world-wide.

■About Neo Monsters

 Neo Monsters is a role-playing game that revolves around monster collection and training. It is the spiritual successor to Dragon Island Blue and Hunter Island, both of which were well received worldwide.
 Train your captured monsters to evolve them, and then put up to 16 monsters into a single team. Strategically defeat enemy teams using different combinations of monster skills. Overcome powerful rivals as you explore the grand story that unfolds!


■Game Story

Your adventure begins when you inherit your late uncle’s monster ranch. Train your monsters and rise to the top of the Monster Leagues! Defeat your opponents in fierce battles and become the Champion!

■Extensive Game Content

―Neo Monsters features more than animated 900 monsters.
―Ultra-Evolve your monsters into their ultimate forms through training and gathering special ingredients.
―Fight team battles with incredible strategic depth. Master the use of special skills that deal massive damage when certain conditions are met.
―In addition to the immersive main story, you can also explore a large variety of side stories set in the past or future.

■How to Download

Search for Neo Monsters in the Google Play store to download the game.
You can also download the game directly using the following link:


【Download Price】(※2)
e.g. U.S $0.99、Euro 0.50 €.


【Compatible Devices】
This game is designed to be compatible with devices using Android 4.0 and above.
※Certain devices may not be able to run this app. Any device not using Android 4.0 or above are not supported. Thank you for your understanding.

※1 In the Role-Playing Game category of the iOS App Store’s Paid chart
  (App Annie “Highest Ranks of Countries – Rank 1 Reached” April, 2016)

※2 This game offers optional in-app purchases to further improve your gameplay experience.

※3 Android and Google Play are trademarks of Apple Inc.

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