Cloud-Based Testing Service Remote TestKit Strengthens Business Development in Korea,Building Testing Environment for High Speed Services


Sep 6, 2016

NTT Resonant Inc.

Cloud-Based Testing Service Remote TestKit
Strengthens Business Development in Korea,
Building Testing Environment
for High Speed Services

 NTT Resonant Inc. has established testing infrastructure in South Korea for its cloud-based testing service Remote TestKit, accommodating high speed services and strengthening business development in the neighboring country.
 Remote TestKit was available there using the service infrastructure in Japan and North America, but now we have built further infrastructure for Remote TestKit in Seoul, Korea, reducing problems for Korean users caused by network latency. We have responded to the needs of our Korean users who value usability, and have implemented steps to provide smooth functionality on smartphones.  Additionally, we’ve added reasonable all-you-can-use plans for approximately 50 models of Korea-focused smartphones for testing for Korean companies.
 In May, 2016, we at NTT Resonant strengthened our sales by signing an exclusive contract with NEOITP Corp., headquartered in Gyeonngi-do, Korea, President and CEO: Hwang Jeasoon. With the establishment of testing infrastructure in Korea for high speed services as well as the expansion of our lineup of Korean mobile devices, we are accelerating our sales expansion in Korea, where we are focusing on the application and content development industry.

 ・Comment from NTT Resonant CEO Masahiro Wakai

 Remote TestKit has been successfully introduced to over 1,400 companies worldwide, including to game, e-commerce, and web service companies, with the highest of quality. We are proud to say that with the establishment of testing infrastructure in Korea to accommodate high speed services, the number of Korean companies using Remote TestKit is increasing, and we will be able to accommodate the usage of companies looking to expand operations into Korea. Additionally, we are expecting our success in Korea to function as a foothold for further expansion into Asia.

・Comment from NEOITP President and CEO Hwang Jeasoon

 We have built infrastructure in Korea for Remote TestKit to accommodate the needs of the customers of the Korean mobile market, who represent approximately 2.5 billion won and a 12% share of the global mobile market. We are working to use this service infrastructure establishment to propagate a new testing paradigm in the Korean market. To promote differentiation with business persons, we will continue to create new plans and investments, and look to become the top business solutions company in Korea.
 We also will continue to provide high quality services for our Korean costumers and earn their trust, which we trust will also affect sales. Going forward, we’d also like to expand to China and Southeast Asia.

1.Improvements in user friendliness with Remote TestKit in Korea

 Demand from Korean app developers and service providers is high for smooth screen functionality when using testing tools, and speed is a big factor when deciding between different available tools. With the establishment of our new infrastructure in Seoul, Korea, we have increased the frame rate to more than 15 FPS (frames per second) which is faster than those available via the Japanese and North American infrastructure. With this, users will be able to enjoy even smoother functionality during testing.

2.Expansion of lineup of Korean devices

 We will be expanding our current lineup of approximately 20 models of Korean smartphones to approximately 50 devices. We also plan to make further additions to the lineup according to user demand.

Korean Device Lineup (excerpt):

Korean Device Lineup (excerpt)


(*1)According to research by NTT Resonant, 6/9/2016

Further Information

About Remote TestKit (

 Remote TestKit is a service that allows developers to test smartphone apps and mobile websites on the cloud. Users can remotely test on more than 300 different models, without purchasing the devices themselves. The service also includes a number of useful features — including automated tests, which allow a series of test cases to be run automatically — to make app testing easier on the developer’s side.

About NEOITP (

 NEOITP Corp. is an Information and communications technology company that branched off from NEOWIZ INC. in January, 2014. Using a base of SI business including IT infrastructure and IT outsourcing work, the company has continued to grow while providing ASP services that make use of Microsoft Azure and AR/VR technology, performing research and development, and assisting in enacting government IT policies.

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