Cloud-Based Testing Service Remote TestKit Adopted by Lookout, Interview Posted


Cloud-Based Testing Service Remote TestKit Adopted by Lookout,
Interview Posted

 TOKYO,Jan.24,2017―NTT Resonant, Inc. announced on January 24 that its cloud-based testing service Remote TestKit (*) Enterprise edition has been adopted by U.S. cybersecurity company Lookout, Inc. It has also posted an interview with Lookout conducted after several months’ use of the service. For more information, please view the following interview:

1.Remote TestKit Enterprise Edition



 NTT Resonant is providing a service that allows users to implement the functionality of the SaaS version of Remote Testkit in their self-managed in-house systems. As the Remote TestKit functionality can be set up in an environment of the user’s choosing, this provides the following advantages for the SaaS version:

– Users can implement their own independent security policies and smartphone use policies.
– Users can seamlessly connect with in-house development facilities.
– Users can use their own smartphones and SIM cards.

2.Lookout’s Use of Remote TestKit

(1)About Lookout

 Lookout is a cybersecurity company that makes it possible for tens of millions of individuals, enterprises and government agencies to be both mobile and secure. Powered by a dataset of virtually all the mobile code in the world — 30 million apps and counting — the Lookout Security Cloud can identify connections that would otherwise go unseen and predict and stop mobile attacks before they do harm. The world’s leading mobile network operators, including AT&T, Deutsche Telekom, EE, KDDI, Orange, Sprint, T-Mobile and Telstra, have selected Lookout as its preferred mobile security solution. Lookout is also partnered with such enterprise leaders as AirWatch, Ingram Micro, Microsoft and MobileIron. Headquartered in San Francisco, Lookout has offices in Amsterdam, Boston, London, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto and Washington, D.C.

(2)About Use of Remote TestKit

 The Remote TestKit Enterprise edition has been adopted for use in the North American and Tokyo offices, and software engineers across the world in locations such as Ireland, India, and Ukraine are using the service.

Issues resolved by adoption of Remote TestKit:
Test Lookout applications on carrier connected devices in each service country

Test on various manufacturers’ models, OS platforms, and OS versions

Access devices by global workforce



3.Queries regarding installation examples of Remote TestKit Enterprise edition

For further detailed explanations, on-premises trials, etc., please contact us using the following link:

(*) About Remote TestKit (
Remote TestKit is a developer support service that allows cloud-based testing for smartphone apps and mobile versions of websites. Users don’t need to purchase actual devices. Instead, they can perform tests on over 500 types of smartphones and tablets using our cloud-based service. There is also an Auto-Test functionality to automatically run a test scenario on multiple devices as well as other functions for developers to lessen the burden of device testing.


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