Cloud-Based Testing Service Remote TestKit Improved Efficiency with Multiple Device Simultaneous Operation and High Quality Sound!Also Now Supporting OS Android 8


Cloud-Based Testing Service Remote TestKit
Improved Efficiency with Multiple Device
Simultaneous Operation and High Quality Sound!
Also Now Supporting OS Android 8

 TOKYO,Sep.11,2017―NTT Resonant Inc. is allowing simultaneous testing on multiple devices in displaying cloud-based testing service “Remote TestKit” (*1) while permitting high-quality sound output, effective September 11. Additionally, the company is adding support for the new OS Android 8.


New Functionality
 (1) Simultaneous Operation
 By simultaneous testing across multiple devices, you can shorten smartphone testing time and browser display check time. NTT Resonant has also increased the time efficiency of developers by not only allowing simultaneous testing, but also adding multi-screen capture, simultaneous browser display and simultaneous app installation.
 The company has achieved this advantageous simultaneous testing in conjunction with original technology developed by NTT Resonant Technology (*2).  

Follow this link for an introductory video: 


(2)High Quality Audio Output
 With increasing amounts of testing for advertising company video ads and of use in app and mobile game development testing in Remote TestKit, the need for high-quality sound testing has increased as well. Currently, NTT Resonant supports approximately 100 sound output devices, but will now have sound output for nearly all devices as well as increasing the sound quality in testing.

(3)Android 8 
 NTT Resonant has quickly implemented testing for Android 8 Oreo, announced August 22, 2017, and plans to expand to Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, and more.


 (*1)Remote TestKit (
 Remote TestKit is a mobile device cloud service offering access to hundreds of real devices to maximize your efficiency and to minimize your expenses. Now developers and testers can access all the latest and oldest popular devices at their fingertips. Remote TestKit offers seamless connection to your existing manual and automated testing tools. NTT Resonant offers flexible plans with Public SaaS, Enterprise On-Premise, and Hosted solutions to fit your requirements. Remote TestKit is developed and supported by NTT Resonant, a subsidiary of NTT – the world leader in telecommunication and mobile technologies.

 (*2)NTT Resonant Technology (
 NTT Resonant Technology was established in 2013 as a subsidiary of NTT Resonant. It specializes in world-class technology and has worked on the development of Remote TestKit, smartphone software development, technology consulting, and specialty hardware production.
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