NTT Resonant Unveils Addition of Automated Testing for iOS Apps to Cloud-Based Testing Service, "Remote TestKit"

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September 18, 2018
NTT Resonant

NTT Resonant Unveils Addition of Automated Testing for iOS Apps
to Cloud-Based Testing Service, “Remote TestKit”

NTT Resonant Inc. is proud to announce the addition of automated testing for iOS apps to the Automated Testing Cloud feature using Appium in its cloud-based testing service, “Remote TestKit1”. At the same time, NTT Resonant has expanded supported versions of Appium in the service.

Additionally, NTT Resonant will have a booth for two days on October 3 and 4 as an official sponsor of STARWEST 2018 in Anaheim, California. At the booth, NTT Resonant will demonstrate various features of Remote TestKit, including Appium Automated Testing Cloud2, which improve quality and productivity when testing apps and websites for mobile devices.


1.  New Features for Appium Automated Testing Cloud

Since June 20, 2018, Remote TestKit has offered the Automated Testing Cloud where Appium is available in the cloud without setting up a test server on the user’s side. Now NTT Resonant has added the feature for iOS apps and expanded supported versions of Appium to increase convenience.

(1) iOS App Testing

Now in addition to Android apps, the automated test function works with iOS apps as well. Automated testing now has a much broader appeal with the ability to test both iOS and Android apps.

Supported OS
iOS 10 and later
Android 4.4 and later

(2) Support for Appium 1.7.2

Up until now, Appium Automated Testing Cloud supported the latest version of Appium, 1.8, but in order to expand the service to more Appium users, it will also support 1.7.2. Now users can make use of Appium Automated Testing Cloud using version 1.7 test scripts without having to modify them.


For more information of Appium Automated Testing Cloud or consultation for introducing automated testing to your testing process, please contact us via the following link.


2.  STARWEST 2018 Exhibition

STARWEST 2018 is a premier event for persons involved in testing and quality assurance for software including mobile apps and websites. NTT Resonant is an official sponsor for the fifth year in a row and has an exhibition booth on October 3 and 4 with demonstrations for various features of Remote TestKit trusted by QA people and developers for mobile apps and websites.

(1) Location: Disneyland Hotel 
       1150 West Magic Way Anaheim, California 92802

(2) Time: Wednesday, October 3 10:30 am – 2:00 pm  , 3:30 pm – 6:30 pm
      Thursday, October 4    10:30 pm – 3:00 pm

   STARWEST 2018 Information:



1.Remote TestKit (

Remote TestKit is a cloud-based mobile device-testing service offering access to hundreds of real devices to maximize your efficiency and to minimize your expenses. Now developers and testers can access all the latest and oldest popular devices at their fingertips. Remote TestKit offers seamless connection to your existing manual and automated testing tools. NTT Resonant offers flexible plans with Public SaaS, Enterprise On-Premise, and Hosted solutions to fit your requirements. Remote TestKit is developed and supported by NTT Resonant, a subsidiary of NTT – the world leader in telecommunication and mobile technologies.


2.Appium Automated Testing Cloud (

Appium Automated Testing Cloud is a service offering a cloud-based environment for automated testing with the test automation tool Appium for mobile websites and apps. Users can perform automated testing with easily-made test scripts without having to go through the trouble of setting up a testing server.

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