NTT Resonant's Cloud-based Testing Service "Remote TestKit" Now Offers Devices with Next Android Version, Android Q

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June 10, 2019
NTT Resonant

NTT Resonant’s Cloud-based Testing Service “Remote TestKit”
Now Offers Devices with Next Android Version, Android Q

NTT Resonant Inc. is excited to announce that effective June 10, it has begun offering devices for cloud-based testing service “Remote TestKit” that run on the next version of Android, Android Q (Android 10) Beta.

In this new version, emphasis has been placed on user privacy. Developers need early access to the new OS in order to work with privacy and security concerns for their current and upcoming mobile apps and services. With access to devices running on the beta of the upcoming OS, testing for mobile apps and services for the new OS can begin even before the official release of Android Q.

  1. Android Q device overview

(1) Available phone models

– Google Pixel 3
– Google Pixel 3XL

(2) OS version

Android Q Beta 3
(Supported OS version may be updated at a later date)

  1. Android Q

Android Q (Android 10) is the latest version of the Android OS, planned to be available starting from the summer of 2019. This new version places emphasis on privacy. For example, users can manage access to their GPS (phone location) data with detailed options like “always on,” “only while app is open,” and “off.” Developers cannot access clipboard data in the background. (Predicted features as of May, 2019)


3.About Remote TestKit

Remote TestKit is a cloud-based mobile device-testing service offering access to hundreds of real devices to maximize efficiency for app developers and testers, and to minimize their expenses. Now they can access all the latest and oldest popular devices at their fingertips. Remote TestKit offers seamless connection to their existing manual and automated testing tools. NTT Resonant offers flexible plans with Public SaaS, Enterprise On-Premise, and Hosted solutions to fit their requirements. Remote TestKit is developed and supported by NTT Resonant, a subsidiary of NTT – the world leader in telecommunication and mobile technologies.

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